With years of experience as wine maker and merchant, Stephen's knowledge and insight provides you with a direct link to the grower. The list reflects his relentless search for real wines that offer variety, quality and interest..

Put simply; we only buy wines that we like, and it seems that our customers love them just as much as we do.

We believe in real wines over mass production. Typically our suppliers are small, independent family estates producing only one or two artisan wines... thereby providing a true expression of both grape and place. We like to promote interest and diversity and regularly change the list to reflect our exciting discoveries. Similarly, we won't ever stock a wine simply because it is fashionable or expected. Should you be looking for a particular wine we are confident that we will always have something that will pleasantly surprise you. 

This month's find:



Named after the producer’s eldest daughter, this wine has been made from the finest Chardonnay grapes grown at Hush Heath’s environmentally friendly vineyards in Kent.

100% Chardonnay, 12.5%